Windows 10’s Spring Creators Update will be available in April

Windows 10’s Spring Creators Update will be available in April

Microsoft is planning to release its next Windows 10 update in April. The software giant hasn’t officially revealed its name, but the company is planning to label it the Spring Creators Update. Microsoft has, however, revealed the Spring Creators Update will be released in April. In an update to a blog post today, Microsoft provides a Windows 10 overview that includes the April release date, and plans to support the OS version until October 2019.

Microsoft is now planning to finalize Windows 10 Spring Creators Update by the end of next week, and the company typically ships it to consumers a few weeks later. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will include new features like Timeline, HDR support, improved DPI support, and Fluent Design changes to the overall design of the operating system. Microsoft has now started testing its next Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 5. No one knows the major features of this future update just yet, but tabs will be included in File Explorer and other Windows apps in the upcoming update.

Windows 10 has been a pretty solid release bringing over the older Windows 8 users that were part of that debacle.  The desktop has improved and with the security updates it seems that Microsoft was able to get this one correct.

In the case of Windows 7, probably its most successful release ever, Microsoft said it had sold 350 million licenses after 18 months. But that total included some machines that were still on store shelves and in warehouses, and it didn’t account for corporate users who bought those licenses on new PCs and then downgraded them to Windows XP.

Still that means there could be over 500 million Windows 10 users out there but Microsoft has always played with numbers of actual users versus units sold or sitting on a shelve.