TMS Subscription Manager

TMS Subscription Manager


TMS Subscription Manager v2.0 supports TMS ALL-ACCESSTMS VCL SubscriptionTMS Business SubscriptionTMS Component StudioTMS FMX Component StudioTMS FNC Component Studio and TMS IntraWeb Component Studio.

The latest Subscription manager is explained in the video & on the blog that TMS Subscription Manager v2.0 is designed.

Perhaps in a later version, individual products might get supported, but at this moment it isn’t and individual purchases can be obtained from the “My products” page.

As per TMS product you will get a description, a description, link to the product webpage, info on latest available version and release date, info on your last download version and download date and info on your last product install version and date. With colors, the status of each product is indicated.

In white are products ready for download, in yellow products ready for install, in orange products for which you can meanwhile download a newer version and in green the products for which the latest version was installed, so you are up-to-date for.

If you have TMS premier TMS ALL-ACCESS subscription, you can much easier find your way in the many products by filtering. You can open & close per product technology, you can filter to see for example only all installed products for which there is a new version, you can perform a search in product name or product description.

If you perform a search on ‘grid’, you’ll see TMS have a grid for VCL in the TMS Component Pack, a grid for FireMonkey in the TMS FMX UI Pack, a grid for cross-framework development in TMS FNC UI Pack and a grid for web application development in TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.