Embarcadero and Baron Software Powerstudio case study which monitors SQL Performance

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Embarcadero and Baron Software has issued a case study that demonstrates the benefits of using Microsoft SQL Powerstudio product line.  Powerstudio is a robust package that monitors SQL performance and can provide assistance for clients to update or create tables, stored procedures, etc. for various SQL servers some being Oracle, Microsoft SQL and many more.  The detailed report can be view by clicking here.  
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Delphi Developer Skill Sprints: Short, Cool, Quick Tips, Tricks and Techniques for 2016

Rad Studio Delphi Development, Software development Concepts, Software Events
Skill Sprints are open to the public by Embarcadero again in 2016.  Follow this link to register for the free webinars that deal with the Delphi - Firemonkey application development or on Thursdays they are having the sessions using C++.  Register for Skill Sprints These are webinars scheduled for about 30 minutes, dealing with the topic and a follow-up Q&A.  The instructors are pretty solid in their knowledge so well worth the time spent.
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Everything Search Engine free Windows Utility is worth a look!

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[powr-twitter-feed label="Everything Search Engine"] Recently I downloaded a Windows utility for file searching that is extremely fast locating any type of file on my machines.  The software tool is called "Everything" and can be downloaded from Voidtools.  The software was created by David Carpenter and you can install either a 32 or 64 bit version. Installing Everything is very simple, you download either the 32 or 64 bit Windows version, it takes a few seconds to index and locate all hard drives or USB clips that are known by the operating system.  You will have a shortcut on the desktop and when it comes to locating any type of file you can use the filter to reduce what you are looking for or just put the title in the search box…
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Stopping a Delphi application from having too many instances.

Rad Studio Delphi Development
Every single developer wishes to have their client start up only a single instance of their application.   This reduces the amount of possible application issues if the code makes a database connection or does some sort of processing that takes away the machine resources.   The following code snippet will help Delphi programmers to keep the process count down to a single instance.  This was coded using Rad Studio XE8 Delphi and is used in many of my applications. The code will be embedded in the project's source because it has to occur prior to the application creating the main form. Click on the menu Project / View Source or using the project manager, you can right click and upon getting the pop-up, you can select view source as…
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Baron Software announces Document Manager for Windows.

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  Baron Software wishes to present the latest application to assist the Law Offices, the application is called Document Manager. Baron Software's Document Manager Software allows you to manage your documents more efficiently, increase productivity, and meet compliance requirements. Documents Centralization are stored on your server or any location you wish, the system produces PDFs of each document and provides the company the ability of emailing them to a client in seconds, ensure only accurate and up-to-date versions are used, be prepared for audits and reduce man hours and administrative costs. System Requirements Windows 7 or above Microsoft Word or Office Acrobat Reader Near future enhancement will be for Wordperfect Office as well. Call or email for pricing!
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