Object Pascal Handbook

Object Pascal Handbook

Embarcadero is offering the Object Pascal Handbook free (PDF) for all developers if you sign up for the free addition.   Marco Cantu wrote this masterpiece and it provides a simple but in depth view of Delphi which is Object Pascal.

From writing desktop apps to client-server applications, from massive web server modules to middleware, from office automation to apps for the latest phones and tablets, from industrial automation systems to Internet virtual phone networks… this is what Object Pascal is used for today, in the real world.

The idea of the book is to explain core concepts and immediately present short demos that readers are encouraged to try to execute, experiment with, and extend to understand the concepts.

The book that offers complete coverage of the Object Pascal language as it is today. It’s a language manual for new developers and for developers coming from other similar languages.

The Object Pascal Handbook uses a logical approach, progressing through the topics and covering how the language works, and how to best use it.

This newly updated 500-page ebook is a complete guide to the current, modern Object Pascal programming language by best-selling Delphi books author and Delphi Senior Product Manager, Marco Cantu. This new language manual for new & existing Object Pascal developers covers core language features, object-oriented programming with Object Pascal, and the latest language features like generics, anonymous methods, and reflection in today’s Delphi compilers.

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