New Build 9 Now Available for Version 2.06 of Elevate Web Builder


New Build 9 Now Available for Version 2.06 of Elevate Web Builder

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.06 build 9.  Clicking on these links will take you to our web site where you can view the full incident report.  All of the incident reports that are marked with an asterisk (*) affect one of the products that you have purchased.

Major Fix: Drop-Down List Controls Containing a Blank Item Can Experience Clearing of Selected Value

  • The HTML5 Geolocation API is now supported via the TLocationServices class. The TLocationServices class works similarly to the TAddress class. There is a single global instance of the TLocationServices class called LocationServices, and you can use this instance to retrieve and/or track the current location information for the current machine or device. Also, the Google Maps example project has been updated to include code showing how to use the LocationServices instance to retrieve the current location information for use with the map.
  • All scrollable controls now contain a ScrollSupport property for controlling which directions the control’s content can be scrolled, independently of the ScrollBars property. This will allow you to hide scrollbars in touch environments, yet still allow for scrolling via touch movements.
  • The TGridColumn control(s), contained within the TGrid control, now include a SingleClickToggle property that allows you to specify that only a click, as opposed to a double-click, is required in order to toggle the selected state of grid columns whose ControlType property is set to ctCheckBox.

Plus more fixes that can be read on the ElevateSoft web site.