New Apple Mac Books are having serious issues

New Apple Mac Books are having serious issues

Apple has been experiencing customers complaining and returning the latest MacBook Pro due to a slew of issues.   The product returns have been numerous and it seems that the issues must be addressed sooner than later.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro comes with the brand new Intel Core i9 processor. Heating issues has created the biggest complaint and the rumors coming out are customers storing the MacBooks in the freezer to cool it down.  When a CPU tends to overheat quickly machines will shut down in the middle of work or worst case is that components could become damage.

The issue with the MacBook cooling system which couldn’t keep up with the heat i9 processor is generating and causes another issue called “Thermal Throttling” where the processor throttles in order to prevent permanent damage to the hardware. Apparently, the MacBook Pro can’t even maintain the base speed of 2.9 GHz advertised by Apple.

Complaints, Complaints, Complaints!

You can click on the Apple logo to view the complaints or click here to view Reddit complaints 

One customer mentions “I returned my i9 2018 MacBook Pro today. It never once hit its advertised turbo speed–not even for a fraction of a second. It failed to maintain base clock.”

It looks like Apple wasn’t able to design the MacBook in such a way that it could handle the heat generated by the i9 Processor. Windows laptops on the other hand were able to clock 3.1 GHz on a Core i9 processor without any problems. This points to a definite design and engineering flaw which resulted in MacBooks not being able to cool down properly.

While thermal throttling isn’t anything new in MacBooks, the fact that you can upgrade this latest pro-grade MacBook Pro to 32 gigs of RAM and 4 terabytes of SSD storage means that creative professionals will be dropping serious dough on machines that will likely run slower than they expect if the overheating occurs.