Microsoft will stop extended support in 2016

Microsoft will stop extended support for Products and SQL Server Versions in 2016

extended support ends in 2016

Extended support in 2016 for various Microsoft products will come to an end.  Losing extended support will be some of the older Internet Explorer browsers (IE) as well as some .NET framework 4 versions.  In April of this year, SQL Server 2005 also will lose extended support.

The loss of extended support means that Microsoft will stop issuing security patches for these products, which represents a potential security risk for organizations. The products won’t get any future hot fixes, although there’s an exception for software covered under Microsoft’s “custom support” contracts. That’s a potentially costly option, though, with costs going up after the first year.

As a long practice by Microsoft they have provided support for the older product lines as long as possible until they feel it is time to “retire” the product for good. There are countless Windows 98 machines out there as well as Windows XP regardless what Microsoft gives in their press releases. A product life cycle is valid up to the point where software updates are released, once a company has deemed they no longer will support with a group of QA or developers that product in the simple term is considered dead.

Over the years Microsoft has developed numerous software applications and sometimes they bail on a released product if the sales are low. That makes pure business sense but it is the method that Microsoft performs their announcements.

The various products such as Internet Explorer for the most part is not used by many people but instead Chrome or Firefox is leading in that department. As for SQL Server 2005 that is pretty critical because many companies will have to pay Microsoft for the upgrade and possibly a DBA to handle the migration which is a huge task.

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