Memories of Turbo Pascal

Working with Turbo Pascal back in the early 80’s was so much fun that a robust application for DOS could be generated and used by various folks.   The compiler was fast and the language was simple to learn.  The original package was a solid manual as well as the famous diskettes.  Once installed the world was open to generate a single executable that could be used on any DOS machine.

At that time I was developing a package for OSHA using DBASE III which was another great product, simple to use and affordable database manager.  I needed to get a dynamic editor inserted so that the DBASE application could shell out to execute it and allow the end user to write documents which were stored in the DBASE database.  It took about 2 to 3 days to get the tested product ready and inserted into the DBASE application.

I wrote so many utilities as well as applications using Turbo Pascal that I will never stop forgetting and thanking Philippe Kahn who put a robust package along with a cheap, and I do mean cheap price so that anyone can get it as well as fighting against the Microsoft machine that was gearing up for world domination.