Lazarus Version 1.2.6 for Windows is available!

The Pascal compiler Lazarus has released version 1.2.6 for Windows. The suggestion is to install the 32-bit Windows version due to the instability of the 64-bit version.

Lazarus comes in 2 other flavors, one for Linux and one for Apple OSX. The concept is that you write and use one source code base with only having to recompile on the operating system you are using at the moment which could be Linux, Apple OS or Windows.

You can install Lazarus based on your operating system by going to Sourceforge

Installation procedures

The Windows and Linux installation are pretty straight forward allowing you to remove the previous version or you can maintain multiple versions. That is up to the developer.

The Apple OS needs 3 different files to be installed to have Lazarus to work properly.

You need the Apple Developer tools, which are a part of the XCode development environment. They can be installed from the original Mac OS X installation disks or downloaded from the Apple Developer Connection (ADC), which requires free registration: Apple
As most developers on the Apple platform know that they have to have XCode installed.

To install Lazarus you have to download the following 3 files:
1. fpc – the Compiler, some command line tools, base units and non visual components like database access
2. fpcsrc – the sources of fpc and its packages, needed for code browsing
3. lazarus – the IDE, visual components and help files

Read more information here

Lazarus provides a pretty neat FREE pascal compiler that works on Linux, Apple and Windows, which allows a developer to create one source code base for 3 different Operating Systems.