How to Secure and increase performance on your WordPress Blog

How to Secure and increase performance on your WordPress Blog

To secure your wordpress blog it is an extremely good idea to follow some of the steps located below as well as increasing performance for your readers.

SSD-Powered Storage Delivers Content Up to 20x Faster

Hosting providers that include high-performance, solid-state drives signal to site owners that the company invests in modern infrastructure and doing whatever it takes to help customers’ sites load quickly. There will be network farms that have older equipment will continue to use that until they replace it or failure occurs.  There are some host providers that provide this service but it may be at a higher cost.

SSL Certificates Boost Security Without Slowing Down Your Site

Speed means nothing if you expose sensitive data to the world. SSL certificates, which rely on the HTTPS protocol, protect site owners (and their readers, visitors, and customers) by encrypting the communications between web browsers and servers.

Performance Upgrades Mean Caching and Modern Languages

When it comes to optimizing your WordPress performance, caching is particularly important for the content management system. Instead of sending multiple queries to a website’s database to fetch and display the dynamic information, caching creates static versions of web pages that can be served up much faster.

Protect Your Info with Backups, Malware Scans, and Security Plugins

Using plug-ins such as WordFence and other security plug-ins will give your blog protection against hackers that may affect your content.  The host provider may also provide malware scans that will prevent attachments, images, etc. from creating a dangerous blog.  Finally backing up your database and wordpress blog at least very 2 weeks, downloading it to a machine for additional backing up will go a long way.

Masterful Managed Services and Support Help Fill in the Gaps

When in doubt with how to optimize your WordPress site’s speed and security, you should be able to rely on the people maintaining your servers. Given the vast popularity of WordPress, hosts regularly hire experts in how to run the CMS effectively and make them available to customers in the form of managed services.

Hopefully this is a starting point on giving you an idea on getting your blog protected and ready for the upcoming year.