HelpNDoc 5.5: project wide spell checker and more…

HelpNDoc 5.5: project wide spell checker and more…


HelpNDoc has released version 5.5 with stronger features such as project wide spellchecker.  You can visit by clicking here

Check spelling of the whole documentation project.

HelpNDoc already includes a powerful multi-lingual live spell checker throughout the whole user interface. It is now accompanied by a project-wide spell checker to rapidly spot possible mistakes.

Enhanced documentation generation engines and tweaked user interface.

Most documentation generators and templates have been enhanced: Word documents’ topic titles will stick to the same page as the following content when possible, Javascript search engine’s speed and memory usage have been optimized for the HTML documentation format, CHM and HTML documentation format’s arrows will now work as expected with relative blank topics…
This update also features a revised user interface: most scroll bars are now more discreet and will only appear when the mouse is over the control, while scalable icons rendering has been enhanced. We have also continued to enhance the user interface for High DPI screens.

2017 was amazing, we expect 2018 to be even better.

Thanks to your continued support, HelpNDoc has had an amazing year in 2017 with multiple incredibly useful enhancements and additions. There are more users of HelpNDoc than ever and your incredible feedback and support helped us release those multiple powerful updates. We can’t thank you enough and we would like to cease this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones the best for 2018!
We are already hard at work on the amazing features and enhancements we plan to add to HelpNDoc in 2018 and, with your continued support, we are confident that 2018 will be the most amazing year so far with a simple goal: continue to enjoy documenting!