Dr. Dobb’s magazine and web site to come to a closure.

As time progresses and media continues to change a new victim has been taken away from the developers world, Dr. Dobb’s magazine / web site will be closed down by the end of the year.  The reason behind this is the fact that the magazine which was put to rest some time ago to increase revenue never did with the web site.

When I first started programming, I came across this fantastic magazine that dealt with ideas about software development.  Sometimes it went all the way out into space and sometimes it made total sense.  Dr. Dobb’s magazine was a monthly when periodicals were available at your local newspaper stand (yes, they actually had a place to go to pick up newspapers, magazines or gum).


As we all know the media world continues to evolve from producing paper materials to cyberspace.  The reasoning behind the closure of this fantastic web site is due to the company thinking in advance that it is not making revenue so therefore it is time to close it down.  The editors have promised to keep the current content available (source code, tips, articles) but it will become stale and most likely will be gone within a few years or less.

This is part of the model world for better or worst as well as folks like myself whom are sad that something that I grew up with is going away.  Almost like a brother / sister that is entering paradise.

At least they continue to produce Mad Magazine on paper, what me worry ?


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