CommunityToolbar in Delphi creates problems

CommunityToolbar in Delphi creates problems

The CommunityToolbarXXX.BPL located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\XX.0\Bin creates problems for the IDE in the long run.  Apparently you can get an access violation when closing the IDE or if you click on tools\options followed by Ok you can get a script error using Tokyo.  The XXX is the version number located in the BIN folder.  For Berlin it was 240 and for Tokyo it was 250.

Embarcadero intended good things to happen using the community toolbar but once again the QA department has failed to capture a bad bug. Something of this nature should never happen during the testing phase when the product is about to be released but lately it has happened alot.

To rid the problem all you have to do is rename the CommunityToolbarXXX.BPL with a tilde (~) in the front so you do not lose it and restart the IDE.  That will solve any issues with the IDE.

The Community Toolbar in RAD Studio provides quick access to key Embarcadero Community features and is available as part of the RAD Studio.   The toolbar quickly notifies you of new Messages from other community members.  That was the main idea but instead the toolbar is buggy.

I think the feature could have been really neat such as visual studio has the option to log in and possibly get the latest information from Microsoft but Embarcadero failed on all accounts with this toolbar.   Maybe in the near future this could be resolved prior to releasing it to the general public.