Embarcadero Acquires Castalia and Usertility from TwoDesk Software

Rad Studio Delphi Development
Embarcadero has announced that it acquire Castalia for Delphi and Usertility from TwoDesk Software. Embarcadero will integrate the productivity features of Castalia into RAD Studio's integrated development environment (IDE) to enhance and optimize the coding experience for both Object Pascal and C++. RAD Studio will also feature Usertility, a powerful and easy to integrate service for monitoring app usage. This acquisition delivers on Embarcadero's commitment to developer productivity by enabling RAD Studio users to get integrated support for these great third-party solutions, which will be sold and supported by Embarcadero. Castalia provides the Rad Studio Delphi developer live syntax checking as well as other assorted IDE software tools. Usertility provides drop-in application usage analytics for software written in Delphi, where and how many active users, does the software crash, version…
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