Amazon considering to offer office suite

Amazon considering to offer office suite

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is planning a possible coup to offer free office suite products to gain market share from Google and Microsoft.  Amazon wishes to utilize the power of their AWS platform and in turn that would possible create additional sales.  The initial stage is to build on their WorkMail calendar application and the WorkDocs file storage.   The two apps, in conjunction with others reportedly currently in development by Amazon may be packaged at some point soon to fight the Microsoft Office 365 and Google G suites.

AWS had an update in 2016 to the AWS AppStream service that allows compatible desktop apps to be run through AWS from any HTML5 compliant device.  The AWS suite provides high profits for Amazon which generated roughly 3.5 billion dollars just in the last quarter.

As always you can create a free account with AWS to use their WorkDocs or WorkMail products until you or the company’s storage hits the limitations where a nominal charge is implemented.  The cloud application war has begun and will not complete for another year or two especially who is the winner in all of this.  Microsoft and Apple have placed storage limitations due to the cost of giving it away.  Usually a plan like this is to gain people who will join for free and then issue limitations.  Once the people are enjoying the product they usually do not leave and it seems that AWS is looking to do the similar thing.

As always the idea of placing documents on a secured server is one thing but placing it on a cloud could lead to security risks.  You can view any Yahoo history for the past few years of hackers gaining access to personal information.