Gotchas when using Delphi Update

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Sometimes when you are programming using Embarcadero Delphi you will come up with a few Gotchas. These are not bugs but more as a pain. Initially you create an application in a debug mode while you are testing the code. You have a icon for the application making it look professional and just go to the release state. The icon may or may be what you expected. Your debug application has the correct icon but your release doesn't. Pretty strange but Windows keeps an icon cache. The simple thing would be to rename your executable and suddenly it looks good. You wonder why Windows would do that ? It is Windows and you have to live with that. Click on this link to see what else you can do to…
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How to restart a VCL Delphi application while using a Mutex

Rad Studio Delphi Development
How to restart a VCL Delphi application while using a Mutex. This article puts all of the research in one single page. Using a mutex prevents multiple application instances from occurring. You may wonder why would you wish to restart an application. It doesn't mean there was a software defect in the code. Application settings have changed. What is a mutex A mutex object is a synchronization mechanism designed to ensure mutually exclusive access to a single resource that is shared among a set of kernel-mode threads. Using a mutex can ensure that there is only one instance of your application executing. A unique name should be used when starting the application. The simplest way is to use your application name and/or a shorten name that would be unique when…
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