Almediadev announces update to StyleControls V3.81

New features

Version  3.81


* added: TscExPanel.OnCaptionDblClick event

* added: TscExPanel.ChangeRollStateWithCaptionClick property

* improved: TscGPCheckBox, TscGPRadioButton controls (bidi support + support of Layout property)

* fixed: drawing of styled TscStatusBar when some panel has width = 0

* improved: support of TscStykeManager.StyleArrowType property in styled forms and controls

* improved: scaling of TscTrackBar, TscDBNavigator with VCL Styles

* updated: help and some demos


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Elevate Software announces that build 7 for version 2.26 of ElevateDB is now available

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.26 build 7.  Clicking on these links will take you to our web site where you can view the full incident report.  All of the incident reports that are marked with an asterisk (*) affect one of the products that you have purchased.


Serious Problems that were fixed

* (#4591) Internal Temporary Tables Store Causing Intermittent Lock Errors


* (#4592) Using the LIKE Operator with an Empty String Can Cause an AV


* (#4593) ODBC Driver Not Reading Ansi BLOBs Correctly with Unicode Client Applications