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Baron Software believes in providing solutions that fit what you need and what you want. We offer a full range of custom software development for various platforms (Apple, Windows, Linux) as well as our skilled personnel that can DBA, develop and design any type of database foundation. Our team of experienced developers, programmers, and engineers provide a unique capacity for developing innovative products layered in complexity and designed exclusively for your business initiatives.

With our years of experience you, the client, will receive robust end products with high integrity as well as cost-efficient solutions. Going with Baron Software solutions your company benefits for the long term.
With expert developers, a repeatable process, and a solid infrastructure gives you our customer everything to succeed. Baron Software has the manpower and expertise you need. Our goal is to get your projects on track or completed within the time frame as well as assisting in project time frames.
Our on-line webinars "Power 15 minutes" brings you and your staff reduced time to watch and learn in a short period of time.

IT Strategies For Your BusinessSimple yet Brillant

At Baron Software, a simple plan is presented towards the solution that your business is looking for.

Every step is reviewed to make sure that nothing falls between the cracks.
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GBusinessInsight is delighted to inform Baron Software has been selected as Most Innovative Software Development Company for 2019 in the United States. Using our far-reaching and intense research process, we ensure a selection of only the elite for our prestigious honours

GBI Awards for 2019

CV Magazine has Baron Software identified for 2018 Tech 100

CV Magazine has advised that Baron Software have been selected for inclusion in our forthcoming 2018 Tech 100 program. CV Magazine are now looking to highlight a select handful of the world’s most innovative, ground-breaking and forward-thinking firms involved in all aspects of technology; from IT, computing and technology firms to industry-shaping products and software innovation, our team sought to identify those who truly represent excellence across the industry and in turn have identified Baron Software as an ideal contributor from the United States.

CV Magazine 2018
Baron Software is a member of the Melville Chamber of Commerce

Melville Chamber of Commerce
Richard Baroniunas has been presented with the achievement of a high award, the Delphi Certified Developer certificate.
Delphi Certification
SQL Servers need to be maintained and Baron Software has come up with a maintenance plan to build speed and reduce sleepness nights.
Manage-It! Help Desk has been compiled to a 64 bit application for Windows and will be converted into a iMac version.
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Delphi Certification

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Embarcadero releases Rio 10.3

Visual Studio 2019 strongest yet and about to be released

Baron Software is about to release custom software to Suffolk County Lawyers Services