Web Site Design Services
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Baron Software designs web sites that will tingle the mind. From inserting content to building a simple e-commerce site, Baron Software delivers. Prices are deemed on time and design constraints. HTML to PHP to .NET nothing hinders the developers from getting a web site deliver to your hosting and out for the public. Using the latest software tools, web sites are designed for desktop, tablets or smart phone viewers leaving no one behind.


Baron Software can perform maintenance on any type of web site, whether older systems that use Cold Fusion or the latest using simple responsive designs, Baron Software can solve any issue that prohibits your company from selling products. Database maintenance that is a crucial step in solving issues that slow performance for web sites.


Our development team knows the following products:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • HTML or HTML5
  • Javascript or Java
  • Application design using .NET or Delphi
  • CSS
  • Cold Fusion
  • Python, Perl or CGI
  • Linux, Windows or Apple Operating Systems