Halt and catch fire season 3


Season 3 of Halt and Catch Fire

The season finale of Halt and catch fire was shown last week for a solid 2 hours.  The entire show has gone from the personal computer start to about the 1990s with the advent of Windows 3.

The series has had it’s moments with characters that tend to be flaky but came up with inventive ideas that brought social up with ease on social interactions (Mutiny), personal computers that were built to take on the business world (Giant) and finally what IPOs can do to a person.

Flawed Characters that know how to party!

The characters have grown but in reality some of them would have been in prison for the shady dealings such as “Joe”, a person who destroyed the personal computer that was dealing a blow to IBM in season one, gave up on a boyfriend, destroyed a company in season two as well as a marriage and finally taking software anti-virus code and giving it to a person “Ryan” who was mentally unstable.

“Cameron” is a flake, whose ideas of C++ object oriented is crap but she can make a company using a Commodore Vic-20 and wrapping up season 3 by having a one night stand with “Joe”.    Somehow she creates Mutiny, loves chaos and doesn’t get a descent haircut after 3 years.

“Gordon” is a engineering genius but has a disease that may kill him and most likely will occur in the final season.  He also decides to go back with “Joe” to take over the internet.

Finally “Donna” who worked extremely hard to get the IPO and make millions but is totally dissatisfied with what her life has turned into, wishing to get all 4 characters into one room to rekindle the past.

Season four is the series finale

It has been a pretty good series but the time to close it out comes next year with 10 episodes.   The producers have taken 30 years of the rising personal computer along with the internet.  They have put it into 30 or more episodes making viewers see a distorted past.  The recommendation is to read the biography of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  That will give you a real prospective of what transpired during those years.